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Top 10 Healthcare Jobs

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Jobs in the healthcare industry are rapidly growing in today’s job market and are not limited to doctors, dentists, and surgeons. There are a variety of potential jobs in the healthcare industry that cater to many different skill sets and professional levels. Whether your interest likes in administration to interpersonal interaction, there’s most likely a healthcare job for you. Take a look at today’s top 10 healthcare jobs.

1. Physician Assistant – Physician assistants provide preventative, diagnostic and therapeutic healthcare ad directed by a physician. Physician assistants are required about two years full-time at an accredited educational program and must pass a national exam to obtain a practicing license. An average annual salary is $63,675 and $75,861 with benefits and bonuses.

2. Medical Records Technician – Medical records technicians maintain the accuracy of patients’ medical records, which include exam results, lab tests, x-ray reports and past diagnoses. Usually, an associate’s degree from a junior or community college including coursework in science and medicine is sufficient. Annual salaries average about $31,837 and $36,575 with benefits and bonuses.

3. Social Worker – Social workers help people who face life-threatening diseases, social problems or domestic troubles deal with relationships, solve both personal and family issues, and function the best they can in their particular environment. Although a bachelor’s degree in social work suffices to enter into this field, the industry’s standard is shifting to a master’s degree, which is already typical in clinical work and health settings. The average annual salary is $52,119 and with bonuses and benefits, %59,554.

4. Clinical Laboratory Technician – Clinical lab technicians perform tests that help detect, diagnose, and treat a disease. They analyze the results and pass it on to physicians. A bachelor’s degree in one of the life sciences or medical technology is required for an entry-level position, but often a combination of education and on-the-job training may also be sufficient. An average yearly salary is $27,861 and up to $32,070 with benefits and bonuses.

5. Mental Health Counselor – Mental health counselors work with individuals, families and groups to discuss and treat mental and emotional disorders as well as promote optimal mental health through a variety of therapeutic techniques. Typically a master’s degree is required to obtain a license. Annual salary is $40,338 and up to $46,206 with benefits and bonuses.

6. Medical Scientist – Medical scientists research human disease and provide the information needed to develop health problem solutions, such as vaccines and medicines. They also perform clinical investigations, drug application reviews, patent examinations, and technical writing. A doctorate in a biological science is the minimum required. Those who perform invasive procedures on patients must also obtain a license by graduating from an accredited medical school, passing a licensing exam and finish up to seven years of graduate education. Medical scientists can earn up to $103,638 with benefits and bonuses.

7. Pharmacist – Pharmacists dispense drugs prescribed by health practitioners and are also responsible for informing patients about the use of their medication as well as advising health practitioners on selection, dosage, interactions, and side effects of medication. A degree from an accredited school of pharmacy in addition to successfully completing a state-issued licensing exam is required to enter the field. With benefits and bonuses, pharmacists have an annual salary of $102,792.

8. Physical Therapist – Physical therapist help patients who are suffering from injuries and physical ailments to restore function, improve mobility, relieve pain and prevent or limit permanent physical disabilities. Physical therapists need a master’s or doctoral degree from an accredited PT program as well as a state-required license. Their average annual salary, with benefits and bonuses, is $67,229.

9. Medical Transcriptionist – Medical transcriptionists are responsible for transcribing dictated recordings made my healthcare professionals for medical reports, correspondence, and other administrative material that eventually becomes part of a patient’s file. Postsecondary training in medical transcription from a community college, vocational school, or distance-learning program is preferred by most employers. Certificate programs last about one year and associate degrees last two. Their average salary with benefits and bonuses is $31,776.

10. Medical and Heath Services Manager – Medical and health services manager are in charge of planning, directing, coordinating, and supervising healthcare delivery. A bachelor’s degree is adequate for some entry-level positions, but in general, a master’s degree in health sciences or administration is standard. Salaries with benefits and bonuses average $68,860.
Top 10 Healthcare Jobs - Search Degrees Online, Find the right online degree for you!

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