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What does it mean to get an online degree?

The term "online degree" refers to the use of the Internet to deliver course materials and facilitate teacher-student interactions in order to complete a degree program. Students use computers to connect to online classrooms, which often provide forums, chat rooms, audio, video, and multimedia technologies, in addition to text content and live lectures.

What is it like to be an online student?

Although individual programs differ, each employs some kind of Internet technology to deliver instructional material. Your class may rely on e-mail, forums, chat rooms, and desktop video or computer conferencing. Some courses are synchronous, requiring learners and teachers to participate at the same time and interact in "real time." Chat rooms, interactive TV and videoconferencing are examples of synchronous delivery methods. Most courses are asynchronous, meaning students and teachers do not have to participate at the same time. E-mail, the World Wide Web and streaming video lectures are asynchronous delivery methods. Some courses will incorporate both synchronous and asynchronous components into their curriculum.

Can I take the class from any computer?

Yes, as long as the computer meets the system requirements for the class. You can also work from any location with Internet access. All you will need is the assigned password and username to access the class.

Why should I get an online degree?

Flexibility is one big benefit. With online programs, you set your own schedule, although you will still be responsible for maintaining assignment deadlines and courses along with may have set online chat times or other synchronous elements as mentioned above. Convenience is another benefit. Lecture notes are often available online, as are transcripts of class chats and discussions.

Will I learn as much in an online course as I would in a traditional class?

Studies conducted by the U.S. Office of Technology Assessment, as well as by the University of Phoenix, show that distance learners do as well or better in courses and on tests than traditional students.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a status granted to an educational institution or program that meets or exceeds predetermined criteria of educational quality.

Are all online schools accredited?

Not all online schools are fully accredited so students must be aware of which schools they choose. However, all online schools found on SearchDegreesOnline.com are fully accredited so users can feel secure in submitting information requests on this website.
FAQs - Search Degrees Online, Find the right online degree for you!

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