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Top Ten Tips to Improve Study Skills

Academic success isnít all about how smart you are. Itís more about how focused, diligent and determined you are to succeed and learn. Many students make the mistake of assuming they will succeed simply because they think they will. However, they fail to examine whether or not they have good or poor study skills. Take a few minutes now to access your study habits as you read the tips below. While these tips sound simply like common sense, many students fail to do them. Making these necessary changes can dramatically improve your chances of doing your best. Read More>>

Top 10 Healthcare Jobs

Jobs in the healthcare industry are rapidly growing in todayís job market and are not limited to doctors, dentists, and surgeons. There are a variety of potential jobs in the healthcare industry that cater to many different skill sets and professional levels. Whether your interest likes in administration to interpersonal interaction, thereís most likely a healthcare job for you. Take a look at todayís top 10 healthcare jobs. Read More>>

Are online schools accredited?

In todayís technologically savvy culture, more and more people are seeking non-traditional ways of acquiring a higher education degree. One of the more popular options is to attend an online program/school. A simple internet search will yield thousands of sites offering online degrees on just about every subject imaginable. Online programs are a very viable option of acquiring a degree from the tradition way of attending a college. But how can you distinguish the credible online schools from the scams, the so called ďdiploma millsĒ? Read More>>

Average tuition of online schools

There seems to be no end in sight to the ever-increasing cost of college tuitions. For the 2008-09 academic year, the average cost of attending a private four-year college was $25,143 (up 5.9 percent from 2007-08). For public four-year colleges, the average was $6,585 (up 6.4 percent from 2007-08). Considering that it takes four (for some even longer) years for students to graduate, thatís a staggering total of anywhere between $26,340 and $100,572! Read More>>

Top Ten Tips for Selecting an Online School

People choose to attend college for various reasons. For those straight out of high school, it means the start of a new chapter into adulthood. For others in midlife, itís a way to pursue bigger dreams or advance their careers. For still others, it may mean fulfilling lost dreams. Whatever the reasons, many are turning to non-traditional programs to meet their goals. The demand for greater flexibility in acquiring a higher degree has many schools offering more options than ever. Online learning is becoming an increasing trend. Read More>>
Articles - Search Degrees Online, Find the right online degree for you!

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